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Man of Heart
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Some words about myself

So, my name is Alexey Kochnov. I was born 17 January 1978 in Moscow, where I live presently. My great-grandmother has offerred to give me a name Alexey.
I entered a school when I was six years old. My brother was already studying in that school. He is six years older than me and his name is Dmitriy. That was a school with deepened study of Spanishy. I began to study Spanish at second grade and English at seventh grade.

At ninth class I had entered another school, with deepened studying of mathematics. I was always studying mathematics with grand pleasure, overtaking school program. In the new school I've got new friends, new interests, studying began more interesting.

MEPhI When I was sixteen years old I graduated school and entered MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Phisics Institute). Along with me three friends of mine had enterred this institute. They were also studying in my school-class. I liked to play chess from childhood and I played for MEPhI chess-team on the championship among Moscow institutes. Football(soccer) contended with chess in my heart and sometimes even dominated. But I always liked it. I suppose that Mathematics, chess and football can successfully exist in one organism without a damage to each other.

Microelectronics I graduated MEPhI n february of 2000. Now I'm a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering. My speciality is microelectronics. The name of my diploma project is "Multimedia extensions of Intel processors. Architecture IA-64". The russian version of a part of my diploma is now available .Floating-Point Multiply-Add

Now I'm working an electronic engineer in the field of equipments in MCST(Moscow Center for SPARC Technologies).

In detail, the Moscow Centre for SPARC Technologies is known from the soviet times for their releases of workstation line Elbrus. This company has all needed for calm functioning on the good of society, except money. In spite of this I'm satisfied with my salary and I want to continue working in this company.

E2K microprocessor

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